Meeting with producer Jon Landau to discuss “Toruk – The First flight”, a Cirque du Soleil show inspired by the universe of”Avatar,” which is revealed to Lyon from this evening before making a stopover in Paris in the month of April. The Circus of the Sun from tonight until Sunday, Toruk – The First flight, the event show of the Cirque du Soleil inspired by Avatar, moved to Lyon. On the occasion of this round hexagonal that will make a stopover in Paris from April 4 to 14 (booking here ), AlloCiné has met with Jon Landau, producer of the feature film cult of James Cameron, to discuss the transposition on stage of the universe of Pandora. AlloCiné : How is born this collaboration between the worlds of”Avatar” and the Cirque du Soleil ?
Jon Landau : it All started with the fact that James Cameron and I love the Cirque du Soleil. James has worked for them on a film that highlighted several of their shows. We want to expand the world of the movie Avatar, tell other stories in the universe of Pandora. And we felt that for this to happen, there could not be a better partner than the Cirque du Soleil and its creative genius. This is really exciting for us is that there is no one in the world that makes entertainment live like them. Everything they do reaches a level that exceeds the expectations of the people. A collaboration with Cirque du Soleil seems to be the extension that makes the most sense of the film “Avatar”. There are in this troop, something very “Avataresque”… James Cameron talks about the Cirque du Soleil and Avatar as a waking dream. When you see a Cirque du Soleil show, you are transported into a state of dream, your imagination runs, you open big eyes in front of things that astound you. It is also in this way that the people reacted with Pandora, when they saw Avatar. There was, therefore, a superb synergy and bring together the two worlds of magic. The Cirque du Soleil That is what makes “Toruk – The First flight” a unique show ? The people, to the four corners of the world, have this mad desire to one day be able to go on Pandora. And of course the Circus of the Sun brings in Pandora ! He brings her to Lyon, Paris… When people will see the show Toruk and the lights go out, the lights go up and cast the world of Pandora on stage, they are transported into a new story, with amazing images and a choreography worthy of a ballet. That are there of the film “Avatar” in the show and that y-a-t-he new ? What one finds in the film is the story of Toruk Makto, Rider of Last Shadow. What is new, what are the different clans that our heroes encounter in their journey, and of the clans, which allow them to collect clues and thus solve their problems. This is unique, it is also the creatures that we disclose that we have created in the company of the Cirque du Soleil. The most important thing is to feel that we are still on Pandora. Tell a story that has been alluded to in the film, which took place there hundreds of years. Cirque du Soleil brings us back to this period, to the origins of this legend that exists in the film. The Cirque du Soleil, What has been the biggest challenge with this show ? I think it was telling the right story through the format of the Cirque du Soleil. We wanted to really tell a story, not just a series of acts which make a whole. And we wanted to do that so that the scale of the Na’vis and this gigantic world will be returned to the people. Because it is here of human performance. I think that the way all of this was choreographed, directed, designed, actually as you enter the world of Pandora, and that the public ends up being the dimension of the Na’vis. In the end, we see them as characters of three meters ! How have you specifically been involved in the construction of “Toruk” ? We have been involved at all stages of the production. We have participated in the development of concepts and ideas, reflected on the history that one could tell what might work. It has participated in the design of the sets and costumes. We also sent members of our cast to work with Cirque du Soleil to teach their actors the movements of the Na’vis. We have also provided information on the language Na’vi. The Cirque du Soleil There has been much talk recently of a “Star Wars fatigue”. Don’t you fear that people feel a kind of”Avatar-fatigue” ? I’m not worried, not a weariness of the people. What we are doing, what James Cameron is doing, what the Cirque du Soleil, it is every time tell new stories. We do not swim in waters where we sailed. We learn from our past. We sit and we think about what people could expect. In developing Toruk, we asked the question : “what is it that people, here, would like to as the story of Avatar ?” They want Pandora, they want creatures, they want the bioluminescence in the dark… It gives it with the show Toruk, with the Avatar’s sequels in the pipeline, but with stories new and original. To conclude, what can you say to people who are going to go see the show in Lyon and Paris ? Why people are turning to entertainment today ? They do it to escape the world in which we live. What Cirque du Soleil has created with Toruk is the perfect getaway. You you escape into another world, you’ll be entertained, you will be amazed by what artists are doing, and the history, I think, will touch the hearts of people. The trailer of the show “Toruk” :

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